Online course certificate

LinktoMedicine launched the new online course “Telemedicine 2.0”. As an attendee of the course, you’ll study Telemedicine as a part of Digital Health. You’ll get knowledge about different types of telemedicine solutions depending on application areas, as well as the common characteristics every telemedicine platform should have. Attendees will have real-time sessions on one of the platforms, including clinician’s and patient’s interfaces, mobile application. Our main aim is to share with you our knowledge about telemedicine in a practical way. We will discuss examples of telemedicine implementations in different territories – from Australia and EurAsia to USA. “It was an intensive 5 hours training for the mixed group – both clinicians and IT. Before practical sessions all of us received common understanding of advantages of telemedicine implementation for our patients”, Botagoz Toktamyssova, UTTC company, the attendee from May 2019 group in Kazakhstan.

Please send your requests and questions about online course’s content on: Online course is available in English and Russian languages.