Telehealth after COVID-19

My new article is about the “exit strategy and reopening economies” phase in COVID-19 pandemic. How to rebuild our readiness to this type of crisis and to those that lie in waiting. And why Telehealh is a tool that help us to be prepared. Thanks to MobiHealthNews for publishing it and for supporting Telehealth as one of the key technologies for any epidemic preparedness and response.

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Telehealth in the time of COVID-19

Marianna Imenokhoeva, founder at LinktoMedicine and Future50 International, writes about telehealth and its practicalities during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thanks to MobiHealthNews for publishing my article about Telehealth in the time of COVID-19. I hope you will find some useful information about COVID-19 use cases and telehealth functions critical for any implementation”.

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Telehealth in the European Union: Improving Access to Healthcare

“I shared my deep belief in the EU Digital Health future in my new article published by HIMSS  (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) “Telehealth in the European Union: improving access to healthcare”.

It covers many challenges – from legislation to technical requirements. As well as contains successful examples of implementations and several useful links to EU researches.”  Marianna Imenokhoeva, Founder of LinktoMedicine

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