Integrated digital health solutions contain one or several platforms – telemedicine services, EHR (Electronic Health Record) management, electronic prescriptions or education of healthcare providers. Integrated digital health solutions enable healthcare providers practice telemedicine, collect and analyze patient data. Solutions can help with administering and monitoring health organization daily activities, optimizing healthcare organizations business processes and increasing patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Telemedicine encompasses a variety of solutions that enable patients and doctors to practice telehealth. This variety consists of software systems – web-based and mobile – that address specific tasks and requests of healthcare providers and patients.

Telemedicine solutions range from the simplest notification and scheduling services to complex systems that allow physicians to connect with patients via secure, high-resolution video for a remote visit, share medical images, send text messages or online chats in real-time, and submit prescriptions to the patient’s pharmacy, track patient health data, chart medical records with consulting physicians, document all remote patient visits, charge patients and get reimbursed from third party payers etc.

Integrated digital health solutions can be built to serve different goals – from providing health services to collecting and analyzing health data for further improvement and better patient outcomes.

  1. Solutions providing access to health services include such features as telehealth visits, health call centres, toll-free emergency calls, treatment adherence, appointment reminders, emergencies
  2. Platforms that provide access to health information encompass electronic patient information/records, resources, databases and tools, decision support systems, eLearning options and community mobilization services.
  3. Collection of health information may be done via health surveys, surveillance and patient monitoring.

All these functions may be integrated separately or in full depending on the goals that healthcare providers set for the telemedicine platform. Currently there is a rich offering of ready-made solutions that can be customized for healthcare organizations needs and requests. Most of them provide a rich user experience for both patients and doctors and high security of health data.