Health Call Centers

Customers in healthcare are rapidly switching to digital technologies that offer convenience in managing one’s health. Many patients still require human interaction and reach-out to health call centers via their phones. Health call center solutions include such features as a call routing system and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for self-service and access to healthcare information database.

Digital health integrated solutions

Integrated digital health solutions contain one or several platforms – telemedicine services, EHR (Electronic Health Record) management, electronic prescriptions or education of healthcare providers. Integrated digital health solutions enable healthcare providers practice telemedicine, collect and analyze patient data. Solutions can help with administering and monitoring health organization daily activities, optimizing healthcare organizations business processes and increasing patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

What is Electronic Health Record or EHR? It’s digitized health record that contains patients’ personal and medical information. Records can include screenings and tests results, records of illnesses, surgeries, electronic prescriptions, allergies, immunizations, family illness history etc. EHR can facilitate information from a variety of sources: doctors, clinics, home monitoring devices, and patients themselves. Software tools integrated into EHRs allow patients to participate in their own care and provide greater insights for doctors and healthcare providers.


Telemedicine (or telehealth) is a reliable, high-quality and cost-efficient way to provide equal and timely access to healthcare. Most telemedicine platforms are software systems, web and mobile solutions, which enable doctors to consult their patients online. Telehealth provides a variety of functions, such as video visits, scheduling of appointments, management of electronic prescriptions etc. Telemedicine solutions ensure a balanced and equal healthcare coverage.