Customer support and training

Technical support of eHealth solutions in order to maintain all information systems and applications, and keep them up-to-date. We also provide educational programs and courses for key users of eHealth solutions. Such courses help to ensure employee acceptance and the integration of new solutions into healthcare organizations’ – their culture and their processes.

System integration and implementation

Bringing together components that are already in place within your organization and than optimizing them by implementing new and advanced solutions that can deliver the full potential of eHealth practice. This can include implementation of telemedicine platforms, Electronic Health Records (EHR), eHealth solutions and Health Call Centers.


Advising healthcare organizations on how to best use technologies for the implementation of eHealth practice into regular practice. Our consultants advise how to select solutions that best suit practitioner and patients’ needs. We analyze efficiency and improve outcomes for business and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to help healthcare organizations to scope, design and execute eHealth projects. This includes project management support, business processes and system design.